The idea of having another Lodge in Berbice finally took root in 1991 during the Mastership of W. Bro. Dr. Indar Chand, when the views of every member of Ituni Lodge were sought. Eventually there was general acceptance that a new Lodge should be formed. Many names were suggested. The name Phoenix was finally chosen because “Freemasonry first came to Guyana in 1770 and to Berbice in particular in 1799 when the Lodge ‘Coelem Non Mulat Genua’ was warranted”. The next Lodge in Berbice was the Phoenix Lodge which also met in New Amsterdam and appears to have been warranted before 1813 by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Barbados. Later Phoenix Lodge and its predecessor in Demerara ‘Chosen Friends’ both had to apply to the Grand Lodge of England for Warrants as it was shown that the Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Barbados (under the Grand Lodge of England) had no authority to warrant lodges outside the territory of Barbados. Phoenix was eventually granted a warrant from the United Grand Lodge of England on August 5, 1839, 154 years ago and assigned No. 682. The Lodge was eventually erased on September 3, 1862.

Now from the ashes a new Phoenix Lodge – No. 9517 arose and was consecrated at Freemasons’ Hall, Ferry Street, New Amsterdam on Saturday November 6, 1993 by R. W. Bro. Peter Alfred Taylor assisted by other members of District Grand Lodge.

The First Officers and Founders were:

Watson H F Bowling                       Worshipful Master

Ramesh Maraj                                   Senior Warden

Ramaish Nauth                                Junior Warden

Sydney A A Jackman                       Chaplain

Stanley L Alonzo                              Treasurer

John A Lewis                                    Secretary

Belthrom L Hamilton                      Director of Ceremonies

E E Heyliger                                     Almoner

Clifford A Johnson                           Charity Steward

Ivor K Persaud                                 Senior Decon

Dr. R E Anderson                             Junior Decon

Nasir Hussain                                   Asst. Secretary

Neville R Johnson                            Asst. Director of Ceremonies

Wishart A Kendall                           Inner Guard

Dunstan Barrow                               Steward

Dr. Indar Chand                               Tyler

BANNER: Against a navy blue background is emblazoned the name and number of the Lodge, the Square and Compasses and the date of Consecration with two columns. In the center on the Banner is the bird Phoenix symbolically rising from the ashes. The names of the founders are stated to complete the Banner which is bordered with gold tassels.

The Lodge followed the suggestion of the District Grand Master to use the Taylor Ritual which is being faithfully practiced.


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