The usages and customs among Rotarians have ever borne a near affinity to those of the ancient Freemasons.  There is a common thread interwoven in the customs, beliefs, and teachings of both institutions.  For example, both are universally spread over the globe.

In Rotary the Four Way Test regulates our lives and actions, every Rotarian is guided by its precepts on the things we think, say, or do:

  1. Is it the Truth?
  2. Is it Fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better Friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

In Masonry, our ritual is replete with moral teachings to substantiate the Four Way Test.  We are reminded of the four Cardinal Virtues; Temperance, fortitude, Prudence and Justice; and the distinguishing characteristics of a good Freemason are Virtue, Honour and Mercy.

 After the formation of Rotary Clubs in Guyana, certain Rotarians who were already Freemasons, worked towards the creation of a Rotary Lodge of Freemasons.  However, this was not a novel idea, because there were several “Rotary Lodges” already in existence around the world.  It was the desire to name the Lodge “The Rotary Lodge of Guyana”.  Unfortunately, this was not to be.

Rotary International, after noting the plethora of Rotary Lodges around the world, informed United Grand Lodge of England that the world “Rotary” was the registered Trade Mark of Rotary International.  This was brought to the founders’ attention by UGLE, the “The Guyana Wheel of Service Lodge” as the saying goes, is now history.

The Lodge was consecrated on Friday, 8 November 1991, the first Master being W.Bro. Bernard A I Crawford. The Consecrating Officer was the R W District Grand Master, Peter Alfred Taylor.  There were two other District Grand Masters present viz: Bro Yule Gooding, R W District Grand Master, SC and the RW District Grand Master of Trinidad and Tobago, P L Knaggs.  The last two named District Grand Masters were Rotarians.  The Oration was delivered by W Bro K K Ho, PJGD.  Our beautiful Banner was handcrafted by Ms Annette McLean, wife of W Bro F C McLean, who assisted at the Consecration Ceremony.  The first meeting place of the Lodge was the Georgetown Club.  The Lodge now meets at Masonic Hall, 86 Carmichael Street, Georgetown. However, in the months of July and October, meetings of the Lodge can be scheduled to be held in the towns of New Amsterdam and Linden, where there are Rotary Clubs.

The names of 12 Members for Joining were read out, as well as two candidates for Initiation.  The First Initiate was Bro. Ivor O’Brien.

First Officers:

Bro C. M Baburam                                                                   Senior Warden

Bro M E Davis                                                                          Junior Warden

W Bro W N Bascom, DistGStd                                                    Chaplain

W Bro J N Adams, DistGPure                                                      Treasurer

W Bro M V Yong, PDistAGSE                                                    Secretary

W Bro R B Fields, DistJGW                                                        Director of Ceremonies

W Bro M R Persaud SC                                                                Almoner

W Bro E N M Isaacs, PDistGSuptWks                                        Charity Std

Bro B I Ralph                                                                                Senior Deacon

Bro R C Kissoon                                                                          Junior Deacon

W Bro P Yeung                                                                            Asst Director of Ceremonies

W Bro R K Chand                                                                        Asst Secretary

W Bro C S Persaud                                                                       Inner Guard

W Bro G C Chung                                                                        Steward

W Bro A O Abdool                                                                       Steward

Bro M W Veecock                                                                    Steward

Bro D Barrow                                                                           Steward

W Bro S G Bovell                                                                         Steward

Bro J G. Carpenter                                                                    Steward

W Bro C R Quintin                                                                       Tyler



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