The Guyana Lodge of Research No. 8525 – No. 10 of the District of Guyana – was consecrated on October 31, 1973.

The founders were:

  1. Bro. C V Too-Chung, J L Wills, P A Taylor, Dr. P G Barrow, A A Peroune, V H Gibson, I R B Robinson, K K Ho, Dr. T R Jones, Dr. O A H Johnson, P A Magalee, A E Spencer, L M Chung and Bro C R Hopkinson.

The rationale behind the founding of the Guyana Lodge of Research is most readily appreciated by examining the oration given at the consecration of the Lodge. The Lodge was formed to:

  • provide a centre and bond of union for Masonic students
  • imbue the brethren in Guyana with a love for Masonic research both local and otherwise
  • though research and teaching to enlarge and expand on Masonic principles thereby getting values out of old truths and turning the beam of old light into new places

Over time, the Guyana Lodge of Research, for one obscure reason or another, seems to have strayed from the straight and narrow path of its original objectives. So much so that, in July 1985, specific guidelines were set out for the Lodge to follow; and to ensure that these guidelines were followed, an editorial committee was formed with responsibility for the preparation and review of suitable materials for presentation. How effective this committee was is not clear, but it has long ceased to function. The current situation is that it is the Master’s responsibility (in the first instance) to present a Masonic paper at every meeting including the installation meeting.

The Lodge follows the Emulation Ritual and meets three times every year. There are no degree ‘workings’ and joining members are accepted form both the English and Scottish Constitutions.



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