Evidence seems to suggest that the Mining Community of Linden always had a small but diverse Masonic Community who knew one another and met informally. They were made up of Masons who had their origins in England, Canada, Jamaica, the English and Scottish Districts of Guyana.

The need to formalize this relationship in a small isolated area led to the first meeting held on Thursday April 24, 1969, to discuss the formation of a Freemasonic Lodge within the township. Recorded present at the meeting were sixteen masons. Between April and July 1969, advice was sought from W. Bro. C. V. Too-Chung, W. Bro. P. A Taylor, W. Bro. K. K. Ho and W. Bro. H. I. Holder, all Senior District Grand Officers. Between July 1969 and October 1970 several important events occurred. At a meeting on July 23, 1969 Bro. L. J. Griffith and Bro. J. B. McWatt both suggested the name Kara Kara from a listing of seven names. The Emulation Ritual was selected for use. The design of the Lodge Banner was agreed on and a Petition for a Warrant to form the Lodge was forwarded to United Grand Lodge in 1970.

The Consecration Ceremony was held on November 27, 1970 at Freemason’s Hall, Company Path, Georgetown, within the Portals of Silent Temple Lodge, the sponsoring Lodge. The Consecrating Officer was the then District Grand Master, His Grace the Archbishop of the West Indies who was ably assisted by several Officers of District Grand Lodge. The following Officers were invested:

Bro. J.P Forshaw                               Worshipful Master

Bro. H A Benn                                  Senior Warden

Bro. Dr. R S Klautky                        Junior Warden

Bro. P. A Taylor        `                       Chaplain

Bro. K. K. Ho                                     Treasurer

Bro. I .E Wong                                  Secretary

Bro. H.I Holder                                Director of Ceremonies

Bro. Rev. G.H Ainsworth                Senior Deacon

Bro. K. Dangl e                                  Junior Deacon

Bro. I. J. Griffith                                Steward

Bro. W. W. Gill                                 Steward

Bro. J. B. McWatt                              Tyler

It could be recorded that on the afternoon of the Consecration, Bro. Rev. G. Ainsworth, who was to be appointed Senior Deacon, arrived in Georgetown from Mackenzie without the trousers of his suit. He managed to borrow a matching pair, but Bro. Ainsworth was a tall man and subsequently was invested as Senior Deacon almost in short pants.

Several donations of ornaments, furniture and jewels were received from Lodges and Masons of both constitutions in Guyana.

The first initiation was held in February 1971. Mr. Colin B Thwaites A Lewis was the candidate. The second initiation was in March 1971, the candidate was Mr. M A J Bassington and the third in May 1971 for Mr. Ashton S Alleyne and Mr. Stowell Barry. Between February 1971 and May 1996 seventy-two candidates were initiated.

The next occasion of significant Masonic importance in the history of the Lodge was the building of the Lodge Temple. In addition to the participation of members of the Lodge, special mention must be made of the contribution by the late W. Bro. Randolph I Anthony, PDistSGW, and donations, monetary and otherwise received from Lodges and Masons from both English and Scottish Constitutions in Guyana and overseas. The Ceremony of Dedication was held on Saturday May 23, 1992 and was performed by the District Grand Master, R. W. Bro. P. A. Taylor.

The following are considered to be some of the important milestones within the history of the Lodge            :

  • The founding Chaplain has become District Grand Master of Guyana.
  • The third initiate, W. Bro. A S Alleyne, was elevated to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies of Grand Lodge.
  • Several members became Officers of District Grand Lodge.
  • The Ceremony of Dedication and the naming of the Lodge Temple was a notable ceremony in the Masonic history of the District of Guyana, in that all evidence to date suggest that the Kara Kara Temple was the only Temple built specifically for Masonic ceremonies, since all the other Temples were existing buildings that were converted into Masonic Temples.
  • A Royal Arch Chapter was attached to the Lodge and consecrated in 1989. Special mention must be made of the contributions of Bro. Alleyne, who supplied the furniture and the late Bros. Randolph Anthony and Sydney Baxter-Dennis.
  • Establishment of links within the Caribbean by inter-Masonic visitation of, and to, Lodges in Jamaica and Trinidad.
  • Establishment of participation in degree ceremonies between this Lodge and Roraima Lodge.
  • Sponsorship of the Guyana Wheel of Service Lodge No. 9431.
  • Donations to several charitable organisations within the Linden area, and the holding of the traditions established in the Lodge, perhaps to most notable and refreshing is the singing of Christmas Carols at the Installation Ceremony in December of each year. The regular meetings of the Lodge are held on the second Thursday of every month and the Installation meeting being held in December.


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