Mount Everest Lodge was consecrated on April 12, 1943 at Freemasons’ Hall, Company Path, Church Street, Georgetown. It was proposed by Union Lodge.

The founders were Rt. W. Bro. F. A Mackay, DGM; W. Bro. Allahdat Khan, WM; W. Bro. Hussain Baksh Gajraj, SW; W. Bro. Hafiz Ullah Khan, JW; W. Bro. C. Cameron, Chaplain; W. Bro. Louis Kawall, Treasurer; W. Bro. Rahman Baksh Gajraj, Secretary; W. Bro. E. V. Luckhoo, DC; W. Bro. A S Rohoman, SD; W. Bro. T. D Cameron, JD; W. Bro. Harry Hardeo Kawall, Asst. Secretary; Bro. Dr. G. Murli Kerry, IG; Bro. F. A. Viapree, Steward; Bro. S. Sabsook, Tyler.

Bro. Mackay, who was British-born, was an enthusiastic founder and had been designated the first master of the new lodge, but died before the consecration. Bros. Allahdat Khan of Ituni Lodge and Rahman Baksh Gajraj of Mount Olive Lodge were the other major architects of the Lodge.

The main reason for the founding of the Lodge was to accommodate persons of Indian origin who were very few in the fraternity at the time. From its founding, the lodge began to work energetically, and in its first year it was granted dispensation to hold meetings twice per month.

The banner depicts Mount Everest, the highest peak in the Himalayas and was painted by E. R. Burrowes, the famous Guyanese artist. The motto is “Veritas omnia vincit” meaning “Truth conquers all.”

The Emulation ritual is used, the lodge meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month and a Royal Arch Chapter is attached.


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