Consecration of the Lodge

Concord Lodge No 3508 was consecrated on Wednesday 20th March 1912 AD, AL 5912, at Freemasons’ Hall, Church Street, Georgetown Guyana.  The Founding Brethren were:


Bro Fred John Irving DGDC                          Bro Cecil Ferrar  DGT

Bro T.J.Roy                                                    Bro C.R. Keyte

Bro W.A. Walker DGSW                               Bro John Shultz

Bro Ernest Yule                                              Bro W.J. Smith

Bro Robert Soames

The Rt W. District Grand Master, Bro Joseph E. Godfrey performed the Consecrating Ceremony.

  1. Bro Fred Irving was the first Master of the Lodge in 1912, with Bros T.J. Roy and W.A. Walker, its first Senior and Junior Wardens respectively. The Founding Brethren seeded rather keen to get moving since petitions for initiation for three persons viz, Messrs R.P. Kaps, R.F. Crane and W. Hudson were read out at the consecrating meeting. These persons were balloted for at the first meeting of the Lodge, held on Tuesday 9th April, 1012 and all were initiated at an emergency meeting held that same month on the 22nd April, 1912.

Banner of the Lodge.

The Banner of the Lodge is decorated at the top with a ribbon carrying its name in bold print.  Just below appears the Square and Compasses with the Lodge’s registration number printed across these emblems.  A list of the names of the founders appears at the bottom of the banner.  The picture of a lion protectively shielding a lamb is in the center of the banner.  This emblem has been adopted as the motif of Concord Lodge and appears on its summonses, letterhead and all other official documents of the Lodge.

Landmarks and Notable Events in the History of the Lodge.

The 25th Anniversary of the founding of the Lodge was Wednesday 10th March 1937.  W.Bro W.D. Slater Pres DistBGP was elected Master at that meeting.

The 50th Anniversary of the Lodge occurred on Wednesday 14th march, 1962 and W.Bro G.W.E. Cooper, OBE, PGD, DDGM was elected Master on that occasion.

Rt.W.Bro P.A. Taylor, P.DDGM, was installed as Master of the Lodge on Wednesday 13th March, 1957 and further served in this capacity during the years 1968-1969 and 1969-1970.

Ritual of the Lodge.

Concord Lodge uses the Taylor Ritual.

Lodge Meetings and Membership

There are at present 25 members of Concord Lodge and 8 overseas members, the latter forming the CONCORD OVERSEAS ASSOCIATION.  The Lodge meets on the second Wednesday of each month at Freemasons Hall, Company Path, Georgetown.

Concord Chapter.

Concord Royal Arch Chapter was consecrated in November, 1970.  The Chapter meets four times per year in January, April, September and October.  Installation of the Principals is done at the October meeting of the Chapter.



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